Membership in the Taunton Rifle and Pistol Club is open to all interested firearms enthusiasts and their families. In order to become a member, you must have or be eligible for a Massachusetts License to Carry or Firearms Identification Card issued by your local Police Department.

Click on the link below which will open a new page with instructions and a link to the application form. Complete the form and return it with the $25.00 application fee (non refundable). Upon acceptance into the club, you will be charged a one time initiation fee of $150.00 in addition to your yearly membership dues. You, and any members of your family who become members, will be required to attend a short orientation session before you will be issued a key card. Carded members have access to the indoor range any time and the outdoor range during regular shooting hours.





Individual:  $125.00 yearly

Family:  There is no additional charge for family members however, only individual memberships are provided key cards.       

Lost Card Fee:  $15.00

Dues are due and payable by December 31. Those in arrears as of February 1st will be required to reapply and are subject to the same charges as a first time applicant. Members who renew after December 31 but before Febuary 1st will be subject to a $25 late fee.

Memberships may be suspended with the permission of the executive board. Should you need to take a leave of absence from the club, contact a member of the executive board for further information.

If your dues invoice has been misplaced, please click on the link below and print out a copy of the form. Return the completed form to us along with your payment.