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Effective 2/1/12, all center fire long guns, regardless of caliber, are prohibited from use on the indoor range. The use of rim fire long guns (.22, .17, ect.) is allowed on both indoor ranges.


Approved Calibers For Indoor Ranges

The attached list of cartridges are the ONLY calibers approved for use on the indoor ranges. It is based on the amount of energy produced by the cartridge and the recommendations of the backstop manufacturer for the longest life and least amount of maintenance. All rim fire .22 and .17 caliber long guns are allowed. Shotguns and all shot shells, regardless of caliber are prohibited. All tracer rounds and all explosive targets are also prohibited. There are also several calibers that are prohibited even if they are being used in a handgun. For a list of those prohibited calibers, check on the "Indoor Range Use Notice" below. If you have a question about a caliber not listed here, contact us.

It is up to you to be sure that the weapon you are using is approved. Any member who uses a non approved caliber will be subject to disciplinary action and will be responsible for any damages caused to the range.


For a list of cartridges approved for use on the indoor range, click here:        APPROVED CALIBERS 

(.30 Carbine and .327 Magnum added 2/10/09)


Range use notice, March 2009:              RANGE USE NOTICE